Really, Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig? YOU posted your "beauty mark" video, I merely comment on it, and I'M sexist? - Granite Grok

Really, Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig? YOU posted your “beauty mark” video, I merely comment on it, and I’M sexist?

…blaming someone else for their own mistake and willingness to NOT OWN UP TO IT.

This really is hilarious – and I bet that the Mayor Craig campaign decided to make the bet that no one actually WATCHED either video (or WMUR running it).  Well, leave it to them to try to fund raise off something THEY created – and trying to throw the woman card to make it “plausible”.  See below:

“A website”.  Well, let me make it plain – not just ANY website; it would be us, GraniteGrok. In fact, it was me. I guess they can’t stomach the fact that a Conservative site ACTUALLY WATCHED THEIR AD. I had nothing to do with the storyboarding, the messaging, and it certainly wasn’t my camera.  In fact, at 2:03 am this morning, I watched YOUR campaign ad again just to make sure that my earlier reporting still held up – it does (and I wanted to see if they had 1) pulled it down, or 2) changed it back to reality with the beauty mark to be on the left side of her face ALL the time.

Mayor Joyce Craig has NO explanation as to why her videographers manipulated the images.  Mayor Joyce Craig has NO explanation as to why she greenlighted the video and THEN greenlighted the video to go up on the ‘Net and on WMUR (where it was first seen, AHEM, by a loyal ‘Grok reader – a WOMAN).

Instead, she (and her campaign ding-a-lings who MUST have also reviewed the video in order to have Craig review it) throws the Sexist Card along with the Conspiracy Card – they have nothing else they can say. THEY screwed up – short and simple. Collectively, they failed to pay attention to detail – and got caught at being really sloppy.  But in true Democrat Progressive manner, they have tried to make her a VICTIM!  They screwed up, someone noticed, yet they are blameless.  But I’m to be shamed for reporting on the Empress’ new facial that another woman noticed (er, is SHE sexist for noticing?  I bet you’re next ad will call her, in true Socialist behavior, a “traitor to her gender” – go for it!).

Hey, Mayor Craig, go google “the Streisand Effect” because you have certainly put yourself front and center.  All by your onsie.

“…the internet is a dark place…” – Hahahahahahahaha!  There is a “dark web” but the ‘Grok ain’t in it or part of it.  We’ve been out front and proud on the regular web extolling Conservative values and opining from that.  . And we don’t hide in corners – but we do bring Bright Flashlights and you’re in it.  Just remember that our online traffic, as measured by, is larger than the Union Leader and we’re approaching WMUR ranking.

And yes, when we see people doing wrong, we spank them. When they are stupid, we ridicule them. Joyce Craig and her campaign staff  are now both wrong and stupid.  First, for not proofing their own video.  And second, the above – blaming someone else for their own mistake and willingness to NOT OWN UP TO IT. They’ve done this to themselves, not me. But I’m a mean Conservative and they want to shoot the messenger.

Problem is, they can’t even do that.

So now that you’ve brought yourself to my attention, and tried to malign me for your mistake, you’ve brought me upon yourself. So, shall I start talking about your face again?  No, not the beauty mark again. No, not any other facial feature, either.

How about the stark terror on your face, at times, during your Close UP debate with Victoria Sullivan?  Nice of WMUR to keep the split screen up showing you both during their questioning (here and here). I can’t even begin to imagine how you even tried to square “Crime is down 6%” with “hired 15 new policemen”.

We’ll see how this goes forward. Ta-ta!