Pentagon: Army Corps of Engineers is Building about One-Mile of Border Wall Per Day - Granite Grok

Pentagon: Army Corps of Engineers is Building about One-Mile of Border Wall Per Day

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Who says the government can’t get things done? Everyone, because it’s true. Unless by “done,” you mean to mess with productivity, steal people’s earnings, and enrich the political class. They do that every day. They also build a mile of the southern border wall every day.

According to this report, the Pentagon is reporting a mile of wall per day.

The Army Corps of Engineers awarded about $2.5 billion in projects in April and May to build 129 miles of the border wall in New Mexico, Arizona and California. With the exception of $3 million, the entire $2.5 billion pool of money is obligated on contract. The remaining chunk will be obligated before the end of September, the Pentagon said.

Jonathan Hoffman, assistant to the secretary of defense for public affairs, said the Department of Homeland Security has the lead on prioritizing which sections of wall get built first.

We haven’t heard much about the border crisis. It’s almost as if the Left forgot we still had one. All this shiny new impeachment business must have them distracted. I haven’t heard the words “concentration camps” or “family separation” from a Democrat in weeks.

That’s party due to the shiny new distraction (impeachment theater) but mostly Administration getting something done despite the Democrat congress. Agreements with foreign leaders. Executive orders to assign resources assigned to the executive branch.

Border apprehensions, which had hit record highs have dropped significantly.

Giving America time to build a border wall.

Now, if we could get past all the pending lawsuits and other obstructions, we could get this done- done!

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