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From Nicole Fortune and GONH – LSRs We Need to Keep an Eye on for 2020


New Hampshire Democrats got their manifold of anti-gun laws blown out the last session. But Marxists never stop. Ever. They always look for a way to restrict your rights or take them away. Thankfully, we have folks looking out for your rights too.

Care of the GONH Facebook page, this is a list of Legislative Service Requests (LSRs) on which we should probably keep a close eye.

That’s the polite way of saying stalk the legislation and do everything legally at our disposal to unmask it to make sure these never become law.

Thanks to Nicole Fortune for pointing me to the list.

2020 LSRs and what we think is worth watching (so far). As more proposed firearms legislation is proposed we will update this watchlist.

  • 2001 – Imposing a ban on assault weapons (Rogers)
  • 2002 – Background check on commercial firearms sales (Rogers)
  • 2003 – Waiting period between purchase and delivery of a firearm (Rogers)
  • 2015 – Relative to the disposition of old weapons (Fenton)
  • 2060 – Relative to possession of firearms on school property (Heath)
  • 2062 – Relative to the discharge of a firearm in the compact part of a city or town (Doherty)
  • 2144 – Prohibiting the manufacture, sale, transfer and possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices (Connley)
  • 2150 – Repealing limited liability for manufacturers, distributors, dealers, or importers of firearms and ammunition (Bouldin)
  • 2262 – Study to repeal Article 2A (?)
  • 2270 – Relative to forfeiture of seized personal property (Sylvia)
  • 2349 – Relative to including a post traumatic stress disorder designation on driver’s licenses (Chirichiello)
  • 2458 – Relative to NH citizen’s right to keep and bear arms (Piemonte)
  • 2687 – Relative to voluntarily surrendered firearms (Cushing)
  • 2707 – Relative to emergency threat orders (Luneau)

We’ve got some real winners in there, and there will be more to follow. And while they may not all be as bad as we think they can, they probably are.

Make notes, and we’ll do our best to add to this and provide any updates as they become bills and hearings are scheduled. Share any information you may have, and we’ll post it.

Remember, we are only ever one legislative session away from posing our rights. It is up to us to protect them for everybody.