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Brexit Deal Struck

Brexit Means Exit - Yellow Vest in UK

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, tweeted that a Brexit Deal with the European Union has been struck.

Parliament will vote on the “great new deal” on Saturday. If the UK Parliament approves the deal, the EU Bloc would have to approve it as well.

The British People voted in 2016 to “Brexit” (British Exit) the European Union. Since that time, they have remained a part of the Union and it has been a cause of great divide in the United Kingdom. Nigel Farage, an outspoken leader for a clean Brexit, said this new deal Johnson has made ties the UK to the EU in too many ways.

The Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, also dislikes the deal. Corbyn has been a steadfast ‘remoaner.’

Theresa May, former Prime Minister, resigned after repeated attempts to get a Brexit Deal passed in her Parliament.

President Trump has supported Brexit, in favor of a US-UK bilateral Trade Deal.

Will Johnson face better luck with his new deal? We’ll find out Saturday. If the past is any indicator, this Brexit Showdown could continue on… indefinitely?