UK Police: Pictures of Knives Trigger People and Create Fear (or something). - Granite Grok

UK Police: Pictures of Knives Trigger People and Create Fear (or something).


Police in England have been publishing pictures of seized knives. You know, the way cops show you guns or drugs or whatever. But there’s a problem. They think the images are scaring the locals, so they’re going to stop doing that.

No, they’re still confiscating knives and using those goofy drop off bins. We’re talking about releasing pictures of these weapons to the public.

In April, Surrey Police chief constable Gavin Stephens called on officers and the media “not to post pictures of huge weapons, zombie knives and the like, because it spreads fear and young people think they are in danger”, with a spokesman confirming: “We have taken a stance not to post images of knifes [sic] we seize.”

You should stop showing those things online. Making a decent knife leaves quite a carbon footprint. And, as you know, the world is coming to an end, and we have to give up everything to make the planet hospitable for whatever comes after humans.

But self-extinction’s not scary. And neither are knives. Want to scare kids? Explain how their entire digital world comes to a screeching halt if they keep pimping the Climate fraud hiding the socialist economic model.

Screen time will be looking through one at the outdoors. Or, more likely, through one at someone else’s indoors. Check in with the LA Homeless for a test drive.

As for the knives in the UK the actual problem appears to be that the police are being mocked on social media.

May 2018 saw a number of such weapons busts proudly displayed on Facebook and Twitter, with London’s Hackney Police being forced to delete their social media posts of “weapons” after being mocked for confiscating a butter knife and a bicycle wheel.

Confirming why the posts were deleted, Hackney Police told Breitbart London that after “a large number of offensive messages” had been made in reply to the tweets, they were “generating lots of retweets and comments” which resulted in the force’s social media managers struggling to sift out requests for advice from all the mocking.

In England they have laws against that. You can be arrested for a crime if you mock the local PD. Arresting people for things they post on Facebook is quite common.

American’s might laugh but we are the only nation with a First Amendment and actual free speech.

But for how long? Even the cop-hating leftists who want to rule the nation need a police state to keep them safe. Not you, them. But if you’ve pissed off all the peace officers, you’ll need new “cops” to go collect the guns and knives to keep Utopia safe for the people who forced you to live in it.

A thankless job that will not be sought after given the health risk associated with it. At least in the US. Americans are not just going to part with their self-defense tools.

In the UK, people are turning over knives so as not to get arrested with them – making it that much easier for not just the government, but any thug who comes along to deprive them of property, liberty, or even life.