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Trump Could Win Minnesota in 2020 – Why? The Economy, Stupid.

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Minnesota is blue as can be. But parts of the state, where committed Democrats still vote left down-ticket, are supporting President Trump. Is it enough to flip the state in 2020?

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Donald Trump lost Minnesota by just over 47,000 votes. It sounds like a lot, but it’s a statistical sliver at 1.5%.

Democrats who probably voted Hillary in 2016 have had a few years to see what a Trump Presidency means to them, and they like it.

The mining towns in Minnesota are back in the boom column, thanks to Trump. Jobs, business growth, prosperity. From tariffs to environmental policy, this part of the Land of 10,000 Lakes is feeling good about the economy and President Trump.

CNN’s Martin Savidge asked around.

Vlaisavljevich has been the mayor of Eveleth for eighteen years on and off. He votes Democratic in state races. But he’s got a Trump sticker on his desk, a Christmas card from the President on his bulletin board and the deer on his office wall sports a MAGA hat.

Savidge asks, “The political support for the President, part of that is just survival?”

The mayor replies, “Economics…He’s our guy. He supports mining. He’s our guy.”

Savidge spoke with a couple, perhaps in their fifties. The man said, “Her brothers were staunch union Democrats for years and they’re not anymore.”

Let’s add this to the earlier story today about Pennsylvania. Elizabeth Warren and company are promising to get in the way of fracking, mining, pipelines, and livelihoods. They are announcing their promise to kill the jobs of blue collars workers and families in states Democrats need to win.

The Places Donald Trump campaigned in with promises. He kept the promises. Democrats who didn’t want to believe but have benefited are not happy to hear how their patron party feels about their bread and butter.

And people vote with their wallets.

Not in primaries. That is why we’ve seen the socialist lunacy on parade. In their quest to corner every wingnut-dingbat leftist to secure the nomination they may well gain little more than an opportunity to lose the election.

Offering handouts if you let them wipe out your livelihood is hardly what I’d call an incentive. It’s a subsistence lifestyle promised by a rich “Uncle” who’s actually broke and involved in a centuries-long Ponzi scheme. When the debt comes due guess who loses out first.

Sure, the guy with the job will have to pay more in taxes , but the guy living on taxes will be the hardest hit. A government large enough to give you anything will feed itself before it feeds you.

Minnesota might be blue, but Trump may well win it in 2020, and the Democrats don’t seem the least bit concerned.

That makes me smile.

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