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State Budget and Abortion Funding: Speak Up

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The New Hampshire House will meet later this week, September 18 and 19, with the Senate meeting on the 19th. On the agenda: votes to sustain or override each of the Governor’s 50+ vetoes, including the budget veto. At stake is the use of state general funds, i.e. taxpayer dollars, for direct and indirect funding of abortion.

It’s important to contact state representatives, state senators, and Governor Sununu with the clear unambiguous message: no public funding, direct or indirect, for abortion. That means sustaining the Governor’s veto of the state budget, and fighting to keep abortion out of any subsequent negotiated budget.

Governor Sununu has said reassuring things about direct funding of abortion. That is not the case about indirect funding, in which public dollars go to abortion providers purportedly for non-abortion work. Perhaps you have heard similar messages and non-messages from your own representatives. Let’s take a look at where indirect funding comes from, what it means, and why the amount will spike if voters don’t speak up.

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