Server Upgrade warning: because our readers are AWESOME and you're BLOWING THE DOORS OFF! - Granite Grok

Server Upgrade warning: because our readers are AWESOME and you’re BLOWING THE DOORS OFF!

Due to the massive increase in our traffic / readers lately, we’ve been bumping up to our server’s capacity.  What is really throwing us over the cliff has been a growing number of Bots that also crawling our content for various reasons at the same time.  So while we’ve been going up and down the last few days, I’ll take that problem any day because it shows we are serving you, our customers, well with our providing y’all with content you want to read.

So, later on early tomorrow morning we’ll be able to serve you better with an upgrade.  We’ll be down starting around 2am while more RAM is loaded into the server – they estimate about 15-30 minutes (I’m betting it will be less).  More RAM, more space, more processes working better, and less pounding on the disks due to less page swapping  so you’ll get faster service (and yes, we’ve been noticing a slow down as well).  Our hosting company did a quick “eyeball / thumb” review and this should take us over the hump while they do a more formal capacity planning exercise.

So, no, it’s not the “Cancel movement” trying to shut us down us – it’s the opposite: more of you are coming to visit!

And we thank you, as always, for spending your valuable time with GraniteGrok!