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Sen Rand Paul’s Attacker Gets Longer Sentence After Appeal

Rand Paul

Trump-Bashing Leftist Rene Boucher is Sen. Rand Paul’s neighbor. One day, for no reason (he claims it was a lawn care disagreement) the leftist hater assaulted the Republican Senator and broke five of his ribs. A lower court put him away for 30 days. But that’s changing.

Boucher had pleaded guilty to assaulting a member of Congress following the Nov. 3, 2017, incident in Paul’s yard in the Rivergreen subdivision and was assessed the 30-day sentence, a $10,000 fine and 100 hours of community service last year.

Boucher served the jail term at a federal penitentiary in Illinois while federal prosecutors appealed the sentence, arguing that it was too lenient.

A federal court agreed. Based on the severity of the injuries, the Senator has had to have part a lung removed; the sentence was inadequate for the crime. The lower court must now resentence Boucher to serve additional time.

At the time I wondered why neither of New Hampshire’s Senators, both Democrats, had nothing to say about a fellow party member attacking their colleague.

Neither New Hampshire Senator has made time, that I can find, to say anything about the unhinged, Trump-hating, registered Democrat who attacked their colleague.

I’m not surprised but it would be nice if someone in the New Hampshire media would call their offices for a comment seeing as they are not offering any on their own. Denounce the violence. End the H8.

As noted in the original, were Boucher a Trump supporter and Paul some Democrat, we’d not only never hear the end of it (along with calls for a decade in the gulag) they’d be fundraising from it.

To date, no one in the New Hampshire Democrat Delegation, to my knowledge, has even mentioned the attack, or his Democrat attacker.

Does he have to shoot him to get your attention, and only then as an excuse to promote gun control?

The new sentence has yet to be decided. We’ll try to bring you that news when we have it.

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