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New York Times Goes to Bat for New Hampshire Establishment RINO’s ‘cuz “Trump”


As with all such exercises the Liberal media enjoys framing socially liberal Republicans as “the good guys.” And this begs the uncomfortable question, and the title of the piece, Will Trumpism Take Deeper Root in New Hampshire?

The issue at hand is Corey Lewandowski. His consideration of a senate run still has the NH Republican establishments panties in a bunch. They claim it has something to do with The-Trump Lewandowski style. A coarser style and lowering of the bar. But as someone who was doxxed by the Republican establishment long before it was a thing, I can tell you they are full of s**t.

Their style has been to go as low as necessary. To keep the politics in the family. Even if that means harpooning constitutionally minded pro-liberty candidates to ensure a Democrat wins a race. So, nothing they say about Mr. Lewandowski or his former boss should be taken at face value.

The ‘Times’ They ‘ain’t a Changin’

What can and should is how the New York Times frames these sensible Republican. The folks the left pillories relentlessly should they survive a primary (during which they are adored) — a few examples.

Even the most stouthearted Republicans here, said Mr. Bass, “tended to be more libertarian.”

The Bass family does not just enjoy membership in the NH establishment-cabal. They are founding members — progressives since it was cool the first time around. And any stouthhearted Republican moderate would agree with the Times. But no one else would.

There have long been tensions between conservatives and more independent-minded moderates in the G.O.P. here. Still, it “was more about how you’d handle the social issues,” as Mr. Gregg put it, not over topics of race and identity.

A more independent-minded moderate is a fancy way of saying people registered as Republicans who have caved to Left-Wing pressure politics. And not just on Social Issues. These are the budget-busting, deficit mounting, creeps who advance the declining cultural agenda essential to the advance of a socialist state they’d be content to be a part.

“The party has narrowed,” [Judd Gregg] said. “More and more of what you call the traditional, rational conservatives have moved over to identify themselves as independent.”

What Does Brown Mean to You

There’s this awesome section of the piece where Scott Brown gets mentioned. He played the role of Gregg’s rational conservative. A Republican rated to the left of many Democrats, who swooped into an existing primary field with buckets of out of state money to steal a race from better candidates. He would lose.

The rational independent-minded NHGOPe has done this numerous times, from Speakers races to the Governor’s Office. But Lewandowski’s comes with (potentially) more money than any typical intervenor.

That is precisely what worries so many traditional Republicans, who do not want to further energize Democrats in a year they were hoping to defeat Ms. Shaheen, re-elect Mr. Sununu and reclaim control of the state legislature as well as the Executive Council, the five-person executive branch governing body.

Further energize Democrats? Excuse me? Have twisted panties cut off circulation to some critical part of their anatomy?

In what universe, where Trump is on the ticket, are Democrats not already energized? The Left eats, sleeps, and breathes a hatred for Republicans because of Trump. And the only reason Democrats were victorious in New Hampshire in 2018 was that the same Republicans who turned out in record numbers to give him a 20-point primary win (and Republicans full control of state government after the 2016 general) were unhappy with the namby-pamby politics of the GOP establishment.

No Republicans win in this purple state without those “independent-minded” voters. Ask Never-Trumper Kelly Ayotte.

Winning Isn’t as Important as You’d Think

The NHGOPe isn’t concerned about winning elections as much as they are making sure the right people win them. Lewandowski is not on their list, but he poses a problem. He brings enough money and support to make it impossible for them to dismiss him. They’d need to make the race dirty, even if it means losing to Shaheen. Because at the end of the day, she is more closely aligned with their national vision than Lewandowski.

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