NBC Announces New Ongoing Political ad Campaign to Support Lies By Boring Democrats - Granite Grok

NBC Announces New Ongoing Political ad Campaign to Support Lies By Boring Democrats

Wheel of Climate change

The NBC fakenewsiverse was always all-in on the climate scam. So, why not make fake news great again and create a climate unit. Journalists who work for the deep state. Selling the Left’s redistribution narrative via false apocalyptic prognostications.

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Same old whore new dress?

“NBC News creating a new climate unit to cover the most important issues that affect our environment,” weatherman Al Roker announced on NBC’s Today show. He continued to tout: “We’re gonna kick things off next week with a special network-wide series….Be sure to look for Climate in Crisis all next week on platforms of NBC News, starting next Sunday, September 15.”

Al Roker can’t accurately predict the weather out to seven days. But we’re supposed to believe that the same “scientists” and equipment and computer models have nailed our demise in 50 to 100 years from now.

Or that the government, and Al Roker and company, can actually fix it? That’s not even the plan, and even if it were, I’m not convinced.

  • Governments are not capable of fixing anything other than their own power, pensions, and benefits.
  • This gaggle of socialists has a long list of prediction fails to their credit.
  • And, we know this is not about saving the planet. It is about saving socialism through energy policy.

Everything the Climate Cult is after aligns with everything the Marxists want. This is not because they have similar goals. It is because they are the same movement.

The poison is their Kool-Aid® gets you to relinquish your rights and property to power-hungry statists who will then mismanage it for you, downward, to your detriment.

But it is not an insurmountable problem. Just refuse to drink it.

Ignore the cherry-picked images and one-sided “truths.”

It is nothing more than free earned media for left-wing messaging. An in-kind undocumented political ad campaign that supports a field of dull Democrats running for president. All of whom would jump at the chance to use energy policy to kneecap capitalism.

So, here’s to NBC’s new Climate Unit. A “serious” look at a “serious issue” until the November 2020 election but doomed to fail much sooner.

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