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Member of Congress Defends Known Terrorist Financier, and This is not News?

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Antisemite Ilham ‘Homewrecker‘ Omar of the incest, and campaign finance violations Omar’s, is forging ahead. She recently expressed support for a company known for funding terrorism to very little US mainstream media attention. None, actually.

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Mohammad Tawhidi, writing at the Times of Israel, explains. A telecommunications company called Hormuud is run by a known radical Islamist, Ahmed Nur Ali Jim’ale, with ties to al-Shabaab (Emphasis, in original).

“According to the July 18, 2011 report of the Somalia/Eritrea [UN] Sanctions Committee’s Monitoring Group (S/2011/433), “Jim’ale is identified as one of al-Shabaab’s chief financiers and is ideologically aligned with al-Shabaab.”

Jim’ale is linked to a number of businesses that are laundering money for terrorists, including “a mobile-to-mobile money transfer business created to help al-Shabaab make “money transfers more anonymous by eliminating the need to show identification.”

Omar’s connection? A tweet in which she says, “Somali government and peacekeeping forces, need to protect @Hormuud and the Somali telecom industry as they make enormous contribution to the economy and provide vital services.”

Her Somali jobs program is connected to Somalia’s deadliest terror attack. 

On 14 October 2017 a large vehicle-borne improvised explosive device exploded killing as many as 582 people. It was the deadliest terror attack in the country’s history.

Ilhan Omar is not stupid. Nor, is she ignorant. So, it is highly unlikely she is unfamiliar with the UN resolutions or the word on the “Arab street” with regard to Hormuud and Ahmed Nur Ali Jimale. And the US government has identified al-Shabaab as a terrorist organization. Which makes this less a defense of a terror financier and more a test to see how far she can press her luck.

 A search for Omar and Hormuud produces no national mainstream media hits. The only daily is the Tennessee Star. Everything else is new media or conservative media. No CNN, MSNBC, or Alphabet networks. The Daily Beast, Vox, and company are not covering this.

A Democrat member of the US Congress has come to the defense and aid of a known terrorist front and this is not news.

But it is.

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