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Mattel Launches Gender Fluid Play-Set Just in Time for Christmas The Holidays

Mattel genderless dolls

Introducing a box of dolls with mix and match accessories Yes, Mattel has crossed the line with a cutting edge #woke playset for children that allows them to interchange hair, clothes, and accessories to make them appear male or female. 

But what about the other 15.7 million genders you bigots?!

Drag Queen Ken and Lumbersexual Barbie were always potential realities sans these new toys. Nothing so new about re-accessorizing. But I guess the cultural elites at one of the worlds largest toymakers thought the culture needed something more inclusive.

Rumor has it they had a panel of experts, including kids, come up with the designs and details

The company says the new line is in response to demand. “Kids don’t want their toys dictated by gender norms.”

Yes, because growing up isn’t challenging enough. We need “adults” making it more difficult by suggesting that nature and evolution are so damn smart that they may have given you the wrong body.


Well, we can’t quite prove how whales and your “brother” Pat descended from the same pool of goo, but we believe it, and we’re convinced the same universe gave you a penis you don’t need. 

And here, these toys will help ease that pain.

“We see this line as an opportunity for us to open up that dialogue around what dolls are for and who dolls are for,” said Kim Culmone, senior vice president of Mattel Fashion Doll Design.


Or, just  keep your penis and join the girls’ lacrosse team. You’ll be the best we can just feel it.

As for “what dolls are for” why not have a dialogue about this?

Many years ago, some students put a Barbie doll up in the rigging of our High School theater to be weird. It’s okay she was white and gave consent. She was called Bondage Barbie. Don’t judger for her life choices.

A group of Jamaicans who came one year to do some work refused to go near the stage until it was removed. Why? Voodoo.

Don’t tell me they don’t know what dolls are for, but if it makes you feel any better, they would have probably had the same reaction if it were Ken, or GI Joe, or ALF.

Would now be a good time to remind everyone that 4 in 10 kids who are encouraged to embrace gender dysphoria will try to kill themselves and the majority of them will engage in substance abuse.

I don’t suppose there’s a warning on the box?

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