Joe Biden's Eye fills with Blood During Live Townhall - Granite Grok

Joe Biden’s Eye fills with Blood During Live Townhall

Joe Biden's Bloody Eye

Nothing to “see” here. As Joe Biden drolls on about (does it really matter?) his left eye turns red with blood. The reporting I can find says it’s a subconjunctival hemorrhage. Not an abnormal thing. Except maybe for a 76-year old with a history of aneurysms.

I don’t want Joe to be President Lunchbox, but life is sacred. Even confused and misguided left-wing life. And Joe’s been on a pretty hectic schedule even with the campaign reducing his appearances. (Joe says crazy things that are bad for his polling.)

Maybe the climate gods are angry at Joe?

I hope he got himself checked out. He sure as heck can afford it. As a lifelong “public servant” he’s accumulated enough wealth to afford the sort of care only the ruling class elite get in a world (his world) where the rest of us get the full-blown version of Obamacare or Medicaid for all (which is worse).

Best wishes to Mr. Biden and here’s hoping he’s not dying to be president.