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Iran Says Any Attack Means ‘All Out War’

Iranian Proxy Damages Saudi Oil Production

Iranian totalitarians have a lot in common with Democrats. They get to poke you, attack you, insult you, smear you, whatever they want. If you dare to even speak of retaliation, they promise all-out war. Well, Iran is behind an attack on the global oil supply. So, guess what?

An Iranian Minister has said that if the US retaliates,

 “..or the Saudis responded to the attack on a Saudi oil refinery with military force. Zarif replied, “An all-out war.” In his follow up statement, Zarif said Iran doesn’t want war but added, “We won’t blink to defend our territory.”

Iran insists it was not involved but how else did “rebels” get Iranian missiles? Launched at critical infrastructure of a declared regional enemy. Essential global resources whos incapciation benefits Iran.

Trump does not seem keen on the idea of starting a war so this may be the right tack for Iran to take. 

But military action may not be they best way to address this. There are plenty of nations trying to cheat on Iran sanctions. This might sway them to get on board. So, diplomacy and pressure are probably the best path here.

But if you do plan to hit them, you’d best do it so damn hard from so many places at once that they are reeling and unable to respond.

By which I mean the rebels that shot the missiles.

Iran’s proxies enjoy its benevolence only because they can and choose to exist. If you make doing that less appealing, it is less likely to happen.

And if Iran wants to get uppity about their enemies wiping out rebels (using their weapons) with whom they claim no connection, well, that’s something too.