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Gen. Mike Flynn’s New Lawyer Asks Judge for Documents to Prove Clinton-FBI Collusion

Lt Gen Mike Flynn

Lt. General Mike Flynn was railroaded on a process crime to feed the media obsession with collusion. His old lawyers bargained a plea deal. His new lawyer thinks there’s proof pro-Clinton FBI agents hid exculpatory evidence.

She’s asking a judge to give her access to unredacted documents and texts. If she’s right, Gen. Flynn could avoid sentencing on the process of crime. The FBI, Clinton, and Company would be under the microscope again.

In a court filing, Sidney Powell accused former special counsel Robert Mueller’s staff of being part of a broad “illicit operation” by FBI agents and operatives of 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to spread and use a Democratic Party dossier filled with false allegations against President Trump.

A lot of the names in the non-investigation of Clinton’s email scandal are a whos-who list of investigators into Trump and Flynn. There are connections to players in Fusion GPS, Clinton’s opposition research firm. The one she paid to fabricate the discredited Steele Dossier.  And more evidence that both before Mueller and during, the FBI deck was stacked with partisan Trump haters and Clinton cronies.

There’s a good reason for the judge to grant the request. Recent IG details about the corrupt Jim Comey shed new light on how things were leveraged in favor of Clinton and against Mr. Trump.

U.S. District Judge Emmet G. Sullivan has a history of hearing cases involving Brady material. Where the prosecutions withheld exculpatory evidence. 

In 2009, he threw out the conviction of former Sen. Ted Stevens, Alaska Republican, because the Justice Department Public Integrity Division willfully withheld exculpatory evidence. Stevens died in a 2010 plane crash.

And the government has a history of that. Especially in cases involving Mueller Team member Andrew Weismann, who is believed to be the actual author of the Mueller Report.

Ms. Powell [Flynn’s new attorney] handled appeal cases in the Enron Corp. scandal, for which Mr. Weissmann served as the top Justice Department prosecutor. She accuses him of withholding exculpatory evidence in that case too.

The convictions of five Merrill Lynch analysts were overturned by an appeals court. The Supreme Court unanimously threw out Mr. Weissmann’s conviction of the Arthur Andersen accounting firm, which collapsed under indictment.

The Russia Collusion case was dirty from start to finish. The Clinton scandals were brushed under the rug by the same people, in the government. If Powell can get the documents, and Flynn’s pleas deal is tossed, it might put the TDS left over another edge. If there are any left for them to leap.

| Washington Times