Climate Cult Palate Cleanser - Parody of Katy Perry's Dark Horse - Granite Grok

Climate Cult Palate Cleanser – Parody of Katy Perry’s Dark Horse

Katy Perry AOC GND Socialism Parody

The Climate Cult, is, well a cult. There’s no other explanation for their devotion to prognostications that never come true. To a methodology that is not just flawed but incapable of believability absent blind faith.

Anyone who dares question even the blatant inaccuracy of its prophets and prophecies is either blasphemer or apostate. None shall deny the one true climate god in all its falseness and glorious deception.

That’s why I call it the Climate Cult. With their Goreos and Green Kool-aid. 

I’m not alone in this realization but in rather good company. And among them are people with a sense of humor and some time on their hands, if this video is any proof. Katy Perry originally, modified to make fun of the Climate Cultists by Solentgreenis people. Featuring Bernie and AOC, with a cameo by Pelosi, Schumer, and others.

Hat tip to Real Climate Skeptic on Twitter for forwarding this. It’s a riot.