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Charter School Told to Leave School District After it Arms Teachers to Protect Students


The Parkland Commission famously reported that if they want to protect kids, the best way is to arm teachers. The Left didn’t like that. They don’t like anything out of their control. So, when a Colorado Charter School armed its teachers the School District got its panties in a twist.

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After the STEM School Highlands Ranch shooting in Colorado, Ascent Classical Academy, a charter school, armed its teachers. The County School Board Superintendent lost his mind.

“We will fight tooth and nail if any school, whether it is a neighborhood school or a charter school, that decides to arm its teachers. [If] it’s a charter school, we are going to ask that they leave the Douglas County School District.”

I can’t count the number of school shootings where teachers or staff were advertised as armed and carrying concealed. Wait, yes I can. None. But the Left isn’t interested in student safety any more than they are general public safety. They want to ban civilian possession of firearms. So,

“We had a meeting with the superintendent and the board chair and some other staff last week, and we just realize that we were in different places in how we approached this,” Ascent’s Executive Director Derec Shuler said. “They don’t want to see programs like this in the district.”

Ascent is going its own way.

Ascent Classical now “plans to sever ties with the Douglas County School District and instead seek authorization from the state,” The Denver Post reports. According to Shuler, “The practical effect for what will happen in the classroom isn’t much. Kids will still get a great education. From our perspective, it is a lot more that our school will have to have on its plate, a lot more responsibility. We will have to accept to operate more autonomously.”

And the parents are why they embraced the voluntary arming of staff in the first place. A program that includes “by local SWAT and law enforcement officers on proper handling of guns. They’re also prepared to administer lifesaving first aid to trauma victims.”

Most Public-School teachers have expensive degrees but are either not allowed to teach critical thinking or are offended by the notion. Their job is to push the government agenda, which has been dumbed down repeatedly. 

What passes for a High School Public Education today wouldn’t get you out of Grammar School not that long ago. You had to be able to read and do basic math. Many ‘graduates’ are paying college tuition to learn skills they should have had years before. 

Rates that are probably cheaper than what taxpayers are ponying up for k-12 education. For what? To redirect tax dollars to teachers’ unions and their political allies. What else are we getting for that money?

Not much. And the left can’t see past their political blinders to realize that arming teachers is the best way to protect the little goslings that are laying their golden eggs.

I hope Ascent Classical Academy begins an avalanche of similar departures. The sooner we put a wall of separation between the government and education the better. And not just for student safety.