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3-Years After Cologne Rape-Spree Germany’s Taste for Civilian Armament Grows

Deterrent guns popular in Germany

German’s still recall the rape-spree that plagued Cologne on New Year’s Eve. A few days later, in early 2016 I reported a surge in “gun sales” and self-defense items across Deutschland. Three years later and those sales continue to surge.

As of today, close to 640,00 German citizens are legally permitted to carry a deterrent gun or similar self-defense weapon. To put things in perspective, in 2014, there were just 260,000.

Angela Merkel is Germany’s Obama. Number one “gun” salesman in modern history. A mantle the American left continues to pass amongst its candidates for President. Gun-grabbing buyback promising disarmament hippies. Each time they open their mouths gun sales rise.

Meanwhile, all across Germany,

“Other statistics show that as of January 2016, exactly 300 949 Small Weapons Cards had been issued, compared to 557 560 by the end of 2017. That’s an 85 percent increase in just under two years. If you hold this firearm license, you may carry Signal, Irritant, and Weapon Firearms in public,” Die Welt reports.

It is still a small fraction of the population but according to GdP chairman Oliver Malchow, “Ever since the events on the Cologne Cathedral plate in the New Year’s Eve 2015, more and more people seem to feel insecure.” 

For the same reason, the Parkland Committee suggested that arming teachers was a more effective strategy to protect their children. The gross negligence of Scott Israel and just about every functionary up and down the “we’ll protect you” parade of government employees failed to do their job aside, even competent law enforcement is minutes away when the second count. 

Democrats will happily stand on your grave to push gun control. The only life they care about is their own. The only guns they like are those protecting them.

You’re on your own no matter what they say. So, protect yourself or at least your right to do so.

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