In Wake of Attacks Germans Want to Defend Themselves - Granite Grok

In Wake of Attacks Germans Want to Defend Themselves


Germans, who have a “right” to as many refugees as the state can force on them, have discovered a desire for a different right. The right to self-defense. | Under Germany’s gun laws, only professional marksmen and registered hunters can obtain licences for handguns, but gas-powered air pistols – illegal in Britain – are readily available and can be bought without a licence.

The highest demand is for pepper spray in the wake of the New Year attacks, but gun shop owners say a growing number of customers are turning to air pistols, which are designed to resemble genuine handguns, as a deterrent. A licence to carry one in public is usually available to any adult without a criminal record.

“I think it’s good if you can defend yourself,” a customer who gave his name only as Daniel P told the Rheinische Post newspaper. He had just bought a pepper spray for his girlfriend and an air pistol for himself.

Lesson: The progressive impulse to disarm everyone but the state results in a loss of rights that, once gone, are difficult, if not impossible, to get back. Once disarmed, you are at their mercy, as were the women in Cologne, as are these folks, wishing they could arm themselves with something more convincing.

Air guns and pepper spray will not dissuade a mob. But the desire to own them shows promise for a change in the political wind. Where that wind blows remains to be seen. Europe is messed up. Whether the refugee invasion fixes them up or finishes them off remains to be seen.