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Should we be Taxing Social Security benefits?

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There’s a bill

Rep. Thomas Massie has sponsored the “Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act”. Backers of the bill point out Social Security benefits used to be exempt from federal taxes. They are a government benefit. What sense does it make to give it with one hand and take it away with the other?

Was it always this way?

Until 1984, Social Security benefits were exempt from the federal income tax. In 1983, Congress approved recommendations from the National Commission on Social Security Reform. Those reforms included taxation of Social Security benefits.

Rep. Massie insists that Social Security benefits are currently paying tax twice. He explains it this way:

“Although seniors have already paid tax on their Social Security contributions via the payroll tax, they are still required to list these benefits as taxable income on their tax returns. This is simply a way for Congress to obtain more revenue for the federal government at the expense of seniors who have already paid into Social Security. My bill would exempt Social Security retirement benefits from taxation and boost the retirement income of millions of older Americans.

For decades, seniors have paid into Social Security with their tax dollars. Now, when many seniors are on a fixed income and struggling financially, they are being double-taxed because of income taxes on their Social Security benefits,” Webster said. “This is wrong and I’m pleased to once again cosponsor this legislation to repeal this tax.”

Should it stay this way?

Dan Weber, the president and founder of the Association of Mature American Citizens, threw his support behind Massie’s proposal. He had this to say:

“Every year, millions of seniors become eligible for either Social Security or tier I railroad retirement benefits… The Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act will amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to terminate the inclusion of tier I railroad retirement benefits and Social Security benefits in an individual’s gross income. As this legislation takes effect, seniors will notice their tax liability is significantly reduced, and will no longer deal with the ‘double tax’ on their federally earned benefits…”

Routing for the bill is to the House Ways and Means Committee. Where it went last week. It will have a tough time getting through this Democratic House. So far, there is no companion bill over in the U.S. Senate.

Are your senators and congressmen working for you?

Where does your Congressman stand on this measure? Have they signed on in support? Is your Senator helping you or are they helping their Party and special interests? Drop them an email and see if can explain their position to you.

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