Where's the Social Justice in That? - Granite Grok

Where’s the Social Justice in That?

LGBTQ threatened with arrest

Jerusalem Post reports the Palestinian Authority has banned the LGBTQ community from holding events in the West Bank. They are threatening to arrest members for activities called “harmful” to the ideals of society. Where’s the equality and tolerance?

The Monday ban comes after the Palestinian Authority learned Al-Qaws was planning an event in Nablus. Nablus is a city in the northern West Bank. Al-Qaws is a Palestinian group that supports sexual and gender diversity.

Where’s the response Rashida?

Okay, where are Rashida Tlaib and her squad? Her friends and relatives in the West Bank are threatening her base. And all we get is crickets? Why no comment? Why no Rashida stories here to read about the incident?


But terrorists bomb a swimming spot killing an Israeli girl and Tlaib’s all over the story. She comes out supporting the oppressed murders almost instantaneously. But her Muslim friends oppress their LGBTQ community and nothing? Where’s the social justice in that? Why is it okay with the Left?