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Trump has Allies in Trade War with China – Japan to Buy Excess US Corn

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Mr. Trump appears to have had a trade deal done with Japan prior to the most recent set of tariff hikes against China. It has a few tweaks but is complete in principle, with Japan agreeing to buy any excess corn China refuses because of US tariff hikes. 

Don Surber reports,

The Washington Times reported that President Trump said in an impromptu session with [Shinzo] Abe,  “‘We’ve been working on a deal with Japan for a long time.”

Abe said, “We successfully reached consensus with regard to the core elements related to agricultural and industrial trade. We still have some remaining work that has to be done at the working level.”

While the Democrats and the media are claiming Trump is an idiot making knee-jerk decisions behind the scenes, he appears to be moving pieces and timing of these moves.

Japan wanting to help stick it to China is no surprise. They are historical adversaries but they are not alone. The question is, how many other nations are doing similar deals? Arrangements that ensure that the pressure the US is uniquely positioned to put on China through a trade war can continue to an obvious conclusion.

The Chinese Communists have been stealing everyone’s intellectual property. Manipulating their currency to the detriment of many. Strong arming regional neighbors and using their cheap-labor pool to leverage businesses into less than ideal terms.

The world community doesn’t have to like our President, but they’d be crazy not to see the long-term potential advantage for their own nations if the US, with a little help from Donald Trump and a few global partners, can reign in some of China’s abuses.

Surber also reports that Trump knew he had the deal heading into the G7 and that it could be signed as early as the next meeting of the UN General assembly in a month.

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