Tearing out the bricks of Society's Wall again - thanks Gov. Sununu for telling Social Conservatives to go stuff it. Again - Granite Grok

Tearing out the bricks of Society’s Wall again – thanks Gov. Sununu for telling Social Conservatives to go stuff it. Again


Yeah, you oughta be looking glum over this one, Gov. Sununu.  You just opened up a whole new Pandora’s box.

Society is held together by common values, mores, and behaviors – and not externally driven laws like the Left believes do the actual work of keeping an orderly Society.  It’s the little guy on your shoulder that’s whispering “nope, don’t do it”, the sense of REAL self-governance that makes Society work. It’s the ingrained value set, of absolute right and wrong, that maintains real control.

Except for the last four decades, the Left has been working overtime to rid America of that little guy and his traditional values. Old fashioned, bigoted, homophobic, misogynist – the gauntlet of despising words what actually kept America functional with the hopes of remaking us in their image.  Why, they hate us and our values.  And you just “voted” with them with your signature.

Like keeping boys out of girls bathrooms. Or even worse, grown men out of girls bathrooms.  While Sununu has been crowing about a lot of vetoes this session, he sided with the Left on this one and shove a 10 foot pole through our eyes. One that affects our children and Grandchildren.

So much for supporting those that brung you to the dance, eh Gov? With this, and if you allow the budget to pass that contains either money for abortions or the repeal on the prohibition of State monies for abortion (our tax money), GraniteGrok will easily be able to do what we’ve done before with Frank Guinta, Kelly Ayotte, Scott Brown, and Walt Haverstein (among the notables of the notches on our grip).

For many Conservatives that may well be the last straw.  Remember, you might need that 0.5% of the vote next year – and you will have told them to go pound sand.  And we’ll just do what we’ve done in the past: remind that 0.5% day in and day out.  For months. And that’s all we have to do. 0.5 to 1.5% in every district.  Think there aren’t enough Conservatives to do that?

Then ask yourself – how did Trump win?

And the flood rolls in. And so it starts – a Letter from my School District’s Superintendent on SB263 sent to me by a loyal reader in my town (emphasis mine, reformatted):

August 2019

Dear Gilford and Gilmanton Parents and Guardians,

On July 18, 2019, Governor Chris Sununu signed Senate Bill 263 , relative to anti-discrimination protection for students in public schools, into law. In compliance with this new law, all men’s & women’s bathrooms & locker rooms at SAU 73 schools will be transgender & gender nonconforming-inclusive.

So even in the Elementary School, anything goes.  Not that it will.  But we all remember when it starts – Jr. High (now “Middle School”) and then High School when puberty hits and hormones hit harder. You remember the tittering, the whispering, and the low voices, right?  The innuendos, the awful double entendres, the laughs meant not to be jovial but to hurt.

Now, feel free to take your clothes off.  Or even better, go watch those of the other sex (can I even say that anymore with a straight face?) in their locker room? The magic words?  “I feel like a girl” or “I feel like a boy”.  Doing things that would have instantly gotten you a beat down from boyfriends, other friends, the School Admin, the girls parents, YOUR parents – now perfectly acceptable.

Plus, as we’ve been writing about for a while, this has the potential of wiping out all the girls’ sports team.  I feel sorry for them but I REALLY DO HOPE that the boys in those schools take full advantage of taking over those teams.  Why should those guys of lesser ability, determination, and discipline be disallowed from the ability to win championships on the guys teams?  Just move on over boys girls – I’m just like you and I want your slot.  And it will be rather easy to do so.

And when Society comes back to its senses from overturning an entire Society’s mores for a 1% of the population, it will realize the stupidity of doing this.


Question: if you are against all discrimination, are you actually being discriminatory?

Once again, the Overton Window has been moved towards NO STANDARDS, to the Left.  Has been moved to what used to be ABHORRENT behavior to LEGALLY PROTECTED behavior.  If you are a traditional American value holder – Governor Sununu has just told you to shut up, hold your nose, and sit in it.  You have NO RIGHT to protect your little girls anymore in schools. Just like in Target’s bathrooms.  Only worse because the School Admin and Staff MUST allow it to happen.

Good job, Sununu; outSTANDING!  Following Obama’s self-avowed Communist Van Jones’ advice (“TOP-DOWN, BOTTOM UP and INSIDE OUT”strategy) and read this for extra credit (really, you should!).

And get this – why is this next thing even acceptable? No goose for the gander – why is it not acceptable for Trans but perfectly good for Normals?

Additionally, there are single-user restrooms in all of our schools that are available for use by all students, staff, and visitors.

At Gilford High School there are three single-user restrooms throughout the school. There are two single-user bathrooms in the performing arts hallway outside of the chorus room and there is one single-user bathroom in the gymnasium lobby.

In Gilford Middle School there are five single-user restrooms located throughout the school. There is one outside of the cafeteria, two on the 5th and 6th grade floor, and two on the 7th and 8th grade floor.

At Gilford Elementary School, there are four single-user restrooms throughout the school.  There is one outside the copier room near room 666, there is one outside room 683 (third floor), there is one inside office 655 and one inside office 653.

At each school, the nurse’s office has a single-user restroom that all students & staff may use as well.

If it wasn’t acceptable to have the Transgenders use the single-user bathrooms, why is it now “acceptable” to force those that believe that sexes should be separated in certain instances to be segregated.  Isn’t this going to be a form of discrimination as well?

How are you going to handle this challenge, Gilford School Board?  I may make it a test case just to show how stupid this really is?

Really, an entire Society deliberately stating that sex doesn’t exist.  A Socialist’s dream – everyone is the same.  NO differences at all.  Just the same dreary entity over and over again with no allowance for the beauty of diversity between the sexes.

Diversity, you say Skip?  Isn’t the Left ALL about diversity?

Only when it is THEIR redefinition of the word, dear readers.

What’s even worse, it’s coerced speech.  After all, we are being told, BY OUR GOVERNMENT (thanks Gov. Sununu) that we can’t even think about the differences between boy and girls.  We can’t question how someone “feels” today.  It cannot be questioned.

Thus, it cannot be spoken about else be at risk for legal risk because DISCRIMINATION. And anyone can claim that they are being discriminated over even the spoken word.  If you think I’m wrong, you haven’t been keeping up lately.

So we see that both the US and NH Constitution restrictions on Government limiting speech has been abrogated again.  Good going, Governor Sununu!

And just think about the Constitutional challenges this might get – and I’m willing to be that guy.

A last thought: boy, aren’t overnight field trips gonna be a Lollapalooza, eh?  I can’t WAIT to see those lawsuits!

Or will it be that there WILL be no overnighters anymore?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kirk Beitler

I certainly do, Kirk!  By how much are you going to be upping the Legal general ledger account amount?  Heck, I might even want to see how far this is going to be allowed?

After all, I’d look good in a tu-tu, right?

I gotta go potty and the nearest one is the girls’ room.  I’ll be in the High School one as I identify as a 17 year old…