Support the State Supreme Court Challenge to the NH House Firearms Ban

Concealed Carry

It seems like just yesterday (it was the day before). We reported on the court tossing a complaint. The question was, does a temporary majority in the NH House have a right to ignore the State Constitution. At least one judge claims they do.

Support the Challenge – Give 2A Rights Back to House Members in the State House

One of the first things Democrats do when they take control of the New Hampshire legislature is to disarm House representatives. They do it because they can. A lesson voters have failed to learn because it applies to everything Democrats do.

At the first opportunity, they deny you natural rights and create rights which the government defines and controls.

The court has found that the temporary majority is above the law. That a sliver of voices may indeed disarm the entire chamber, its staff, and its members. That it may define unconstitutional rules. To which some would add, they do that all the time with the laws they pass. And they would be correct.

In this instance, the next step is to try and bring the matter before the State Supreme Court. 

A GoFundMe has been set up to crowdsource those costs. We encourage you to donate and support the challenge.