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Protect Life… The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Over the past year, leftists have really pushed their abortion agenda… to the extreme. They left liberal and choice in the dust and have gone all the way to infanticide. They have moved to support for aborting babies based on sex and genetic characteristics. That is an extreme moral and ethical position.

Out of the mainstream

The leftists have moved on from arguing “safe, legal, and rare”. They have moved past on demand; and they are now fighting for the right to commit infanticide. Infanticide is killing babies born alive. That position horrifies me. It only seems logical to me that if you can support infanticide then you must support euthanasia. What is the difference? Really… think about. It’s eugenics all over again.

A new Heritage Action survey proves Americans are NOT on board with this radical agenda. In fact, 76% of their national respondents agreed that doctors should provide medical care to babies who survive abortions. When we have to legislate to require doctors to provide medical care to babies there is something seriously amiss here.

How did your Senators and Congressmen Vote?

Do you know any leftists in the senate who are running for re-election? What position did your senator take on this issue? Do you know what position your Congressmen took on this issue? Did Jeanne Shaheen side with the leftist abortion lobby or did she vote with the DNC? How did Rep. Kuster vote? Did they vote to support the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act? Both NH Democrats in the Senate voted against this bill in 2019. Both NH Democrats in the House voted against it in 2017.

This vote was simple… save innocent lives or not. It was a YES vote or a NO. Now, we know where our delegation stands. But with these poll results, we know Americans want better and NH expects more from its representatives. We hope you’ll vote for change. Please vote to end infanticide not promote it.

How can you help?

The unborn need your vote. That’s why we’re NOT giving up. The grassroots are here to hold Congress accountable to voting our position not your party’s position. Remember American values. Protect the innocent among us. Either that or feel the heat at the polls. Please, join us today to help defend life?

Join the email campaign. You can do those things here:


Americans overwhelmingly support common-sense, life-saving legislation for babies who survive abortions. So do people of the Granite State. It’s time for Washington politicians to remember which state they are from. It is time for them to respond to the voters who put them in office. If they can’t defend life; they can’t stay in Washington.