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ProGun NH Press Release: ProGun New Hampshire Thanks Governor Sununu

By ProGun NH


ProGun New Hampshire
August 9, 2019

ProGun New Hampshire Thanks Governor Sununu

Dateline: Concord, NH 8/9/2019
—Now is not the time to politicize the atrocities of El Paso and Dayton. These three anti-gun bills (HB564, HB514, & HB109) were held back by Democrat legislative leaders for 39 days before they were sent to the Governor’s desk, immediately after these horrific attacks. Yet, since the enrollment of the bills, over 150 other pieces of legislation were sent over for Executive action. Plainly, the Democrats are playing politics with mass murder.

HB564 would have made legal voters criminals if their community used schools for polling and the voter left a gun in the car while voting. A person could no longer walk to the school to pick up a child, go by motorcycle, bicycle, or snow mobile and be able to lawfully defend themselves. This bill conflicts with the Federal School Zone law that has an exemption for individuals who are duly licensed by the State to carry a firearm and a clearly defined 1000 foot zone. This bill made New Hampshire less safe.

HB514 would have taken away a women’s right to prepare for self defense from a stalker or jilted lover. The bill would have given violent attackers three to six days to accomplish their evil acts without fear of an equalized victim. It particularly harms women and domestic violence victims who are denied the ability to defend themselves with the most effective means, a firearm. Criminals don’t wait.

This bill unlawfully requires dealers to allow inspection of their records by local law enforcement which is contrary to federal law. The bill is draconian in its penalty, making it a Class B Felony to not properly calculate or wait for the required delay.

HB109 is poorly drafted and vague. It defines commercial sale as “including but not limited to, a sale, exchange, or gift.” Every firearm transfer would be included based on this language, because every transfer is an “exchange.” Immediate family members are exempted, but do not include uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws. This would eliminate gifting between these family members. Temporary transfers of a firearm are
still an “exchange”. Therefore, letting your friend use your gun at the range would be a violation. Teaching and firearm training would be prohibited for new shooters. This would affect Boy Scout Camps, gun clubs, and commercial ranges that rent guns and/or teach safety classes.

The governor is right, we don’t need new laws just so politicians can smile and pretend they did something when in fact they did nothing good at all. ProGun NH thanks the governor for his steadfast support of law abiding NH citizens and keeping New Hampshire one of the safest states in the USA.