Press Conference - Municipal leaders in support of Gov Sununu's veto of the Democrat budget - Granite Grok

Press Conference – Municipal leaders in support of Gov Sununu’s veto of the Democrat budget


Yep, today I got to be on both sides of the camera at once during a press conference in the Legislative Office Building at the State House in Concord as I both covered it as GraniteGrok as well as (and being present only for myself) being a Budget Committee member in favor of the veto. Various municipal leaders from a number of towns gathering to support the Governor’s veto of the Democrat Budget.  Several spoke on different aspects.

Sure, a number of leaders want certain things funded – I, for one, am in agreement on one thing – if the State is mandating certain programs upon the towns and cities, the State should fully fund it (can you say “Special Education”?).  There is absolutely no reason to shove unfunded mandates downward in a totally unconstitutional fashion (NH’s Article 28-A) yet politicians of all stripes just blithely disregard their oath and their duty to preserve and obey it.  Anywho – the video:

Earlier I post up about a long list of similarly thinking municipal elected office holders – I’d link to it but I can’t find it (sorry).