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Mass Judge Who Freed Criminal Alien Will Collect Taxpayer Salary During Trial

Judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph indicted for helping illegal alian escape ICE

Judge Shelley Joseph and Court Officer MacGregor, knowing an ICE officer was waiting to take custody of a twice-deported fugitive from justice helped him escape. Massachusetts’ Highest Court voted 5-1 to let Joseph collect her salary while on trial.

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Joseph is fighting federal criminal charges for allegedly helping a man from the Dominican Republic slip out a back door of her courthouse while a federal immigration officer was waiting for him. She has pleaded not guilty to obstruction of justice, and court records indicate she rejected a plea deal offered by federal prosecutors last month. A former court officer also was charged.

In her defense,

The Massachusetts Bar Association, Women’s Bar Association of Massachusetts and Massachusetts Academy of Trial Attorneys said in court documents that judges “must be able to act without fearing for their livelihood or the well-being of their family if a powerful litigant, the public, or other judges disagree with their actions.”

The people of Massachusetts should be mortified. What Judge Joseph did has nothing to do with her duties as a judge. She deliberately and physically assisted in the escape of a wanted criminal fugitive. Through her court chambers. To escape a Federal agent of whose presence she was acutely aware.

Yes, she’ll have some ridiculously high legal expenses. But that is not the fault of Massachusetts taxpayers. Judge Shelley Joseph chose to break the law – something she is supposed to honor and revere.

Most of the people who came before her court (before she was a prospective felon) were not permitted to collect their salary. But she’s part of the ruling class, so she gets special consideration. 

She doesn’t deserve it.