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Kamala Harris Prosecuted David Daleiden as a Favor for Planned Parenthood

Kamala Harris

David Daleiden released video showing Planned Parenthood proudly selling aborted baby parts. Calif. AG Kamala Harris, had him arrested and his property (more vide evidence) seized. Daleiden’s Lawyers claim Harris did it for Planned Parenthood and the warrant was bogus.  

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They are filing a motion to “challenge the underlying probable cause” for the warrant that resulted in the seizure of Daleiden’s property. (Emphasis, mine.)

It was Harris who ordered the search warrant against Daleiden in 2016 that his lawyers are now arguing was “served without probable cause and in bad faith,” and should therefore be thrown out.

In the motion, Daleiden’s lawyers include email exchanges between Harris’s office and Planned Parenthood executives working together to obtain a search warrant for Daleiden’s unreleased videos, despite California laws protecting citizen journalists from these kinds of legal attacks.

The overall thrust of this objection aligns with another. That Harris did it as a favor for the Global Abortion behemoth and there was no probable cause.

“This is not an honest prosecution but rather a political favor to Planned Parenthood. It appears that the investigative staff had to be coerced into serving a search warrant that they opposed,” the motion reads.

If the warrant gets tossed the case falls apart, including felony charges. And Harris, who is already suffering in primary polls based on her wild-west prosecutorial discretion, will have another mark on her record. Not the false prosecution against an enemy of Big Abortion.

She went to bat for a pillar of left-wing dogma and screwed it up.

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