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It’s Your Money and Your Children’s Money and Their Children’s Money

More bailouts coming…

Our nation’s finances are in the toilet. The debt is the highest it has ever been. This year’s deficit has already eclipsed last year’s total figure. Both political parties got together to eliminate the financial restraints imposed in 2011.

What is Congress doing?

Are they stupid, on drugs or do they just hate our future generations? In the midst of all this they are not discussing how to curb spending… at all. They don’t seem to care about eliminating waste, or weeding out corruption.

Instead these Bozos are poised to give a huge bailout to unions. That’s right they want to put American taxpayers on the hook for another $638 billion. That’s almost as much as the entire federal deficit last year. Here’s part of what the The Daily Signal said and a link to their story:

“A new report from the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. shows that the private union pension crisis is only getting worse, and now Congress is poised to make it worse still.

Not only are many multiemployer pension plans rapidly approaching insolvency, but the situation is so bad that even the pension safety net—the PBGC’s Multiemployer Program—will be bankrupt in just six years, leaving pensioners with mere pennies on the dollar in promised benefits.

Unfortunately, the House of Representatives passed a bill just before leaving for August recess that will make the situation even worse. Not only would the Rehabilitation for Multiemployer Pensions Act (H.R. 397), exacerbate the problem, it would put taxpayers on the hook for potentially $638 billion or more in broken pension promises.

This was never supposed to happen.”

What do you think?

Is this totally unacceptable? What is your senator’s position on this? What position does your Representative have? Have they taken the time to communicate with you about this? Did you get an email, newsletter, or questionnaire? Two thirds of a trillion dollars of additional debt…


Does your Congress have any interest in adhering to the will of We the People? Would they dream of using taxpayer money to bail out unions if they did? Would they be bailing out unions forcing fiscal insolvency on our children and grandchildren?