If you have to go to college to learn "Adulting", you're doing it ALL wrong - Granite Grok

If you have to go to college to learn “Adulting”, you’re doing it ALL wrong

A new class at Berkeley aims to teach students ‘adulting’ — here’s what that means

“We don’t really know that much, so we’re all learning together”

Sheesh! I’m not sure who is to blame more – kids growing up stupid, helicopter parents not living up to their responsibility to inculcate the basics into their offspring, or the colleges for:

  • not rejecting these losers in the first place
  • blatantly charging them (or their parents) to be their parents.

How do you survive to this point in life??? More reformatting and emphasis is mine:

A new college class at the University of California, Berkeley, is meant to fill the blind spots in student education about the mundane tasks of life that they call “adulting.” The course description lists some of the skills being taught:

The school system does not require a class for students to learn how to live in the real world and function as an adult. We often enter college unprepared to take care of ourselves.
Many life skills, including how to develop good habits, manage stress, pay taxes, budget our spending/income, and to live a healthy lifestyle, are necessary, especially when college is the bridge to adulthood. This course will explore the many dimensions of how to successfully adult.

Sorry, “adult” is not a verb, you either are an adult or not. Being an adult means already having life skills and having a minimal knowledgebase of facts with a modicum of critical skills to turn that data into information.  You should already have much of your sense of self already cast within you. You should know what your morality is, your worldview is, your work ethic is; you should have a good idea of what it is to be an ADULT already.  Oh sure, you’re a freshman or sophomore in college, we expect you to do idiotic crapola – we all did.

If you are in such bad shape, let me give you some advice – don’t go to college first.  Take those low paying jobs and try to make it – it will sharpen your “self” in figuring out that Life IS hard and you WILL learn “adulting” really quick, like it or not.

Or, go into the military who will teach you real quick what an adult is – and give you a framework of being into which you will be poured. In doing so, you will also learn a lot of other stuff about yourself – and what to reject outright. And they will pay you as you “find yourself”.

(H/T: The Blaze)