GrokTV: Windham GOP – Candidate for US Senate, General Don Bolduc (ret.) Q&A Part 3

Gen Bolduc 3

This is the last of the clips from the Windham GOP event with Gen. Don Bolduc (ret.) from last night.

It is also the most heartrending one, both from last night as well as for almost any other video segment I have ever done here at GraniteGrok. The person asking the question and I have been friends for a few years now (but I’m not releasing his name).  I had wondered why he was late to the meeting – I had expected that he would have been there before the meeting started.

In fact, most of the people there know him – and I’m doubting that there were few dry eyes in the room when he stated why he was late.  Let him tell his own story at this point:

Say a prayer for him and for his family, would you please?