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Are You Liberal? Should People Be Able to Choose Their Religion?

Should you be free to practice the religion of your choice? Should you be able you choose whether or not to practice a religion? Is it wrong to punish a person for leaving the state religion? Those questions are very real today.

Muslim majority nations like Iran put people in prison for this. There is a politically active and vocal Muslim group working in the Democrat party. Are they working to bring political Islam to New Hampshire and America? How much religious money is being injected into American politics?

The offense…

A Christian was punished for their religious beliefs in Iran last week. A 65 year old woman, Mahrokh Kanbari will serve a one year prison sentence. Her crimes are “acting against national security” and “propaganda against the system,” according to the Christian Post. Kanbari is a religious convert from Islam to Christianity.

The Islamic Revolutionary Court in Karaj heard the case. It sentenced Kanbari on Monday July 29, 2019. Iranian intelligence officials made the arrest. They confiscated religious materials in her home on Christmas Eve.

The charge  of “Acting against national security” was made formal against Kanbari in January. She was released after paying about $2,500 in bail. Additionally, there is a requirement to go to a religious leader to help her return to Islam. The report is according to the Christian Post.

Iran has punished another Christian woman. Does hearing such reports appall you? Does it trouble you that she is going to prison for practicing her faith in the privacy of her home? This is what happens when a nation becomes a Muslim majority. Exercising your freedom to worship will sentence you to prison.


Iran must free Mahrokh Kanbari today. Whether Sunni, Sufi, Baha’i, Jewish or Christian, people need freedom to worship. Don’t we need to stand up for people of faith? Persecution of people like Marokh Kanbari and Pastor Bet Tamraz is happening. Their treatment  is an affront to religious freedom everywhere. Isn’t that a Human Right?