After Losing 8 Billion Gillette Drops Toxic Masculinity Ads – Returns to Basics. - Granite Grok

After Losing 8 Billion Gillette Drops Toxic Masculinity Ads – Returns to Basics.

P and G Puts out Gillette dumpster fire

Remember that time when Gillette decided to bash its entire customer base and lost 8 billion dollars?  That appears to be enough to wake up from #Woke and spin them 180 degrees. 

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Losing eight billion with a ‘b’ will do that.

To be fair, there are plenty of reasons for Gillette to lose sales. But…who in their left mind grows sales by approving the ad that may set a new standard for “how do I piss off a declining customer base?”

Call them a bunch of poorly raised, woman-abusing, misogynistic bastards. That’ll sell somebody’s razors, but not Gillette’s!

So, what now? Well, what did we do to have 8 billion to lose? It’s out with the new plan and in with the old.

“Gillette is presenting its new focus as simply a return to what it’s always done. “We will continue to represent men at their best,” Gillette said in a statement reported by News Corp Australia. Instead of the “social issues” focus, the brand will begin to highlight positive portrayals of “heroic” masculinity.”

One new ad has an Australian firefighter who is also a personal trainer. A manly man doing manly things selling a product to men. A far cry from calling your customers bigots.

A move in the right direction. But who will forgive them and come back?

We’ll have to wait and see. Their product is still too expensive in the razor marketplace. They may find they need to make a few more changes to get their customer base to return. 

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