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Adam Schiff is Not Liberal Enough – Drag Queen Challenges Him for Seat in Congress

Adam Schiff

Adam Schiff is a douchebag. A Major, big time, high-king DB leftist. But he’s not the right sort of leftist. Seriously, who is but Satan? To address this shortcoming, a Drag queen is challenging him for his US House seat.

Maebe A. Girl became the first drag queen elected to local government, winning a seat in Silver Lake Neighborhood Council earlier this year.

Now the drag queen is attempting to win a seat in the House of Representatives and become the first congressional trans person and first drag queen, according to Route Fifty.

Shifty’s not a Drag Queen. Can you tell? And according to Maebe, he can’t grasp the challenges with which queer folks struggle.

Not sure how many queer folks are in that district, but what about biological women, Hispanics, blacks, men?,  lesbians (unless you’re like….a man who dresses like a woman but is attracted to 14-year-old girls – another unrepresented group – most likely – in Adam Schiff’s district.)

What about them?

Isn’t is racist or bigoted to assume that a white man dressed as a woman is a better representative of their interests (most of whom are not queer) than the white man dressed as a man? Or something?

Catch my drift?

I think it would be amusing as hell if Maybe beat Shiffty in a primary. He’s a serious moron. But based on the sliver of special interest expressed, I confess that your chances are slim to none.

But best of luck. I can’t wait to see how Adam Shiff defends his seat against you as a challenger.

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