7th Annual Tailgate Party – MicroInterview with Mark Warden of the Get Involved PAC

This past Saturday, GraniteGrok was invited to the home of NH State House Rep. Jesse Edwards for his 7th Annual Tailgate Party. Originally a “pre-college football season tailgate practice” party, it has morphed into more than just sports. A lot more.

As is our practice, I set up a few cameras to record the politicians and candidates that participated. Because this was also an occasion for a fundraiser for the Get Involved PAC.

The Get Involved PAC is a training and mentoring group oriented toward assisting liberty-minded candidates both get elected and then guiding them during the legislative session.  While Jesse did give them mic time during the event (video coming soon!), I had the chance to wrangle NH State Rep and Get Involved PAC Board member Mark Warden to give us some more details: