Was Mueller's testimony THAT bad that they already had thought of Shannon Bream's questions? - Granite Grok

Was Mueller’s testimony THAT bad that they already had thought of Shannon Bream’s questions?

Reformatted, emphasis mine:

‘Crickets’: Not one House Dem — out of 70 contacted — was willing to go on ‘Fox News @ Night’ after Mueller hearing

A Fox News anchor made a public call asking for a House Democrat — any House Democrat — to come on her show to react to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony on Wednesday. Yet despite staffers reaching out to roughly 70 members in an attempt to book an interview, all they heard in return was “crickets.”…A few hours before Bream’s “Fox News @ Night” show began, the journalist took to Twitter to announce that her staff “has reached out to roughly 70 Dem offices to get a Member to join our show tonight. Crickets. So, if you’re a House Dem and willing to talk about the Mueller hearing — let us know ASAP.”

The fact that politicians of any stripe would shy away from “Fox News @ Night” is noteworthy, given the show’s spot in cable’s Top 10 ratings and Bream’s reputation for fairness in reporting. Nonetheless, the late night anchor made it clear the invitation is still open if Democrats change their mind.

I guess that’s what happens when your version of a complete disaster unfolds in front of your eyes – and hearts.  Once again, we see that HOPE is not a strategy.  OK, may it wasn’t hope in this case – perhaps hubris is the correct word.  In any case, the Impeachment mavens, who were so convinced that FINALLY they had the OrangeManBad was going to be nailed to a political cross of their making.  FINALLY, they would have the proof to undo the 2016 election for the office that, by their rights, belonged to them.

So the fault was not theirs but Robert Mueller’s – at least in their minds.  That said, they most likely understood, even with that glint of missed placed self-righteousness, they figured out that while fair, Bream would still be asking probing and pointed question.  That would kill the Narrative (to which the US House Dems are still clinging) that says that all facts to the contrary, there’s got to be something “in there” that would cause Trump to either resign or be impeached.  Failing that, something would be there that would so despoil Trump with his supporters, that which should belong to them would be theirs.  Arc of History and all that.

Yeah, smidges of feudal aristocracy still burn in their hearts.  THEY are the ones that are destined to rule – we just can’t talk about it.

And we can’t let Fox News be the ones to burst the bubble.

But really – NO ONE at all had the gumption, fortitude, or smarts to go up against her?  What does that really tell the public?

(H/T: The Blaze)