"Tide Pod Squad" Member Rashida Tlaib Removed from Trump Event by Secret Service in 2016 - Granite Grok

“Tide Pod Squad” Member Rashida Tlaib Removed from Trump Event by Secret Service in 2016


Before America knew Rashida Tlaib as congresswoman ‘Impeach the MFer’ from Michigan she was ‘known’ to the US Secret Service. In August 2016 she crashed a Trump event in Detroit and had to be collected and escorted out.

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Bonchie at RedState reminds us that, “Secret Service agents are obviously not in the business of removing hecklers, which means she must [have] presented herself as a physical threat, likely by trying to rush the stage.”

There’s no indication that was what happened but something we can’t see caused enough concern that they had to step in and address a “threat.”

That’s Tlaib, in case you forgot. One of the freshman-faces of modern in your face Democrat politics. 

Is it really surprising to see her in the video acting the way she is? No. She and the rest of her cohorts express this kind of irrational hatred every single day.

You can imagine how the media would react if a Republican Congressperson were shown to have behaved this way.

Some would like you to believe that this escalation in tactics is the result of Republicans or Donald Trump. That’s not entirely correct. Violence is a necessary part of advancing Marxist doctrine. The left has always been violent. It is why they are obsessed with disarming everyone. 

You can’t have a revolution geared toward the exponential expansion of government intrusion if the citizens have the means to resist it. That’s why gun-grabbing is always at the forefront of every program.

Mr. Trump, for his part, represents a reversal of fortune for the political class. A man who speaks for people who just want to be left alone. But that’s not it works for the left. You will be made to care. 

And wouldn’t you know, that’s exactly how the Tide Pod Squad continues to operate.

Here’s the video again in case the Twitter ever takes down the tweet.

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