O'Brien 2020: MicroInterview with Di Lothrup - Granite Grok

O’Brien 2020: MicroInterview with Di Lothrup

As I reported yesterday, we were at the Bill O’Brien Announcement Rally – we ended up being able to livestream the event (H/T to Brent Littlefield for a WiFi hint).  Before the Event started, however, I got the chance to visit and then do a quick Grok MicroInterview with long time ‘Grok friend, Di Lothrup who has been active in Conservative politics for a long, long time.  In addition to being a Bill O’Brien Supporter, she is also active in the Nashua GOP Committee. She said she’d do the interview IF she could get a word in about their upcoming event before I asked any questions (she hates doing these, by the way).

Other than having to move when the A/C chillers started to ramp up and ended up having to move, this went better than what Di thought (at least in my humble opinion):

More Rally and MicroInterviews in a little while!