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NH rousing economy – NH GOP Chair Steve Stepanek

Concord, NH – NHGOP Chairman Stephen Stepanek released the following statement regarding second quarter tax filings made by New Hampshire Employers:

“Today is a good day for New Hampshire employers – thanks to Governor Sununu protecting the New Hampshire economy when he vetoed the disastrous Democrat budget. Granite State employers submitting their quarterly tax payments are filing with the reduced rates – not the rates that Democrats like Dan Feltes wanted to raise them to. This means more money in the pockets of New Hampshire’s employers, who will then take those tax savings and invest into their businesses, their employees’ salaries, and the New Hampshire economy. If Democrats had their way, our economy would be at a loss today – thanks to Governor Sununu’s strong leadership, New Hampshire is better off and the New Hampshire Advantage is protected.”

July 15, 2019
CONTACT: Joe Sweeney (Joe@NHGOP.org)