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Mexico Admits: Migrant Men Preying on Single Moms to Get Kids to Cross Border

Illegal alien caravan

Men (those bastards) have been sneaking into the united states using other people’s children. Gang members, drug traffickers, and military-aged foreigners from around the globe. They snatch kids or pray on single mom’s, and Mexico has finally admitted it.

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The Seattle Times reports that Tijuana law enforcement authorities are “warning migrant mothers to keep their children close by and supervised, after reports of men offering to purchase migrant children in order to cross.” The Seattle Times quoted one woman from Honduras confessing, “I can’t go to work because I can’t take my eyes off my boys,” adding that the men have offered roughly $350 to buy children at the Iglesia Embajadores de Jesus shelter in Tijuana. She concluded, “They want to rob our kids so they can cross into the United States.”

The uptick in attempted illegal crossings has included an increase in children arriving with people other than family members. While the Iglesia Embajadores de Jesus shelter has warned women and keeps its gates locked at night, children and desperate moms are still at risk of being victims. As are any kids anywhere along the most common routes of ingress.

When identified, they are separated from the adults who are not family members because it’s not moral or ethical to leave a child with some stranger who may also be a drug trafficker or a terrorist. But children are the ticket. Various loopholes (thanks to unelected judges) require DHS or HHS to release kids to guardians or the children and the family after 20 days. Into the country. They can’t be detained.

The terrorists, traffickers, and gang members all know the deal.

Blood on Their Hands

Thanks primarily to Democrats any misery on either side of the border that result are on them for making sure these loopholes stay in place and are well advertised. Children who die on route. Women raped or killed by criminal aliens in-country. The opioid crisis, gang violence, all of it.

None of it is the side effect of some Leftist humanitarian streak. They don’t have one. If they did, we’d be unified in disincentivizing these abuses and caring for own instead. The border would be closed. Immigration would be reformed. Resources needed to address the border crisis could be directed at domestic priorities. Veterans. Homelessness. Crisis pregnancy. Mental health. Heck, infrastructure.

None of that gets the left what it wants.

The goal is to overwhelm the system for political purposes, and this should seem obvious.

The Democrats ultimate solution for everything, socialism, doesn’t care about anyone or anything but the people in charge of the government and how much power they wield. If that were not true, we’d have a wall, reformed visa policies, and bipartisan solutions for intelligent, targeted immigration. Instead, we’ve got the human capital equivalent of a storm surge of bodies and – at to the left – children and single moms appear to be acceptable casualties if they get what they want politically.

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