GraniteGrok's Summertime Surge - We just Passed Foster's and the Concord Monitor in Online Traffic - Granite Grok

GraniteGrok’s Summertime Surge – We just Passed Foster’s and the Concord Monitor in Online Traffic


I’m not expecting this to last, but it is proof of possibilities. Our strong start to July has pushed us, at least for now, past both Foster’s Daily Democrat and the Concord Monitor in Alexa Online Traffic Ranking.

Experience tells me that if nothing else changes, we are building the audience necessary to move up and stay ahead of both. We’re not static or idle, of course. We are on the verge of launching our latest project in our quest to add real choice to New Hampshire media.

Not the First Time (But Summer is Typically Slow…)

Earlier this year we had a similar surge. In January we pushed passed the Concord Monitor to hit number four on our list. That didn’t last. But one thing has been nearly constant. As our rolling average improves, theirs remain the same.

As noted in the opening, the averages wax and wane. One great story can shift the balance for a few weeks or months. But we’ve been at number 5 all year (with a few leaps forward!). Last year we were consistently in 6th place. Before the end of this year, I expect we’ll be holding steady at number four.

And, as hinted in the subhead, summer is typically a slow period so we’re doing something right.

As always, thank you. We’ll do our best to cover what no one else in New Hampshire does or in ways they won’t. And keep the tips and stories coming. 


Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
Union leader 9,788 64,135
SeacoastOnline 25,341 121,779
GraniteGrok 28,031 170,551
Concord Monitor 28,068 141,623
Fosters Daily Democrat 34,741 169,254