Ebola. Is Back. And There's Gonna Be Trouble...(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola is back!) - Granite Grok

Ebola. Is Back. And There’s Gonna Be Trouble…(Hey, la-di-la, Ebola is back!)


I do not watch TV news, so excuse me if this story has broken somewhere in the main-stream media universe and I missed it. The Congo (the Democratic Republic of, that is) has been battling an Ebola outbreak for some time. And now the Cindy-Lou’s at WHO, the World Health Organization, are getting skittish.

Ebola is making a run for the border(s). The neighbors need to be vigilant. Keep an eye on who comes and goes, as a precaution. But whatever you do, don’t ban travel from the DRC.

“WHO does not recommend any restrictions on travel or trade, which rather than stopping , can actually hamper the fight. Such restrictions force people to use informal and unmonitored border crossings, increasing the potential for the spread of disease.”- @DrTedros

No offense but if some poor bastard is infected and you keep them off an airplane how is that not more likely to slow or stop transmission where you can only get to (before obvious symptoms develop) by plane?

Usually, it wouldn’t be much of a concern except for that time, at band camp, when Mr. Obama was in charge, and someone in the US got it from an infected Nigerian whose travel was not restricted. I only bring it up because there are Democrat-run cities with poop maps and darned if that isn’t a great way to transmit the thing. The poop, not the map (or urine, saliva, sweat, feces, vomit, breast milk, and semen).

Stop, In the Name of Love!

Ace expects, rightly, for Mr. Trump to come out and take the heat for banning travel from the Congo and every country near if it strikes his fancy. National security and public health and safety. Good reasons.

But as you may well know, the Democrats do like to cause trouble for Trump. They have also defended the influx of third world diseases into American neighborhoods (or City Hall in LA) through open border policy. We’ve no expectation that they won’t object to any move to prevent the spread of Ebola. Because it’s Raaaaacisssst!

As it turns out, Ebola doesn’t know where you came from, or your skin color. And it will not ask you for your preferred pronoun. But that’s no excuse. If the President makes a move, the Democrats will have a judge erasing that order faster than you can sing, “I left my Poop in San Francisco.”

Besides, if you believe any of the Green Apocolypse business there’s nothing they’d like more than to see a few million people die to save the planet. Too many of us here already by their reckoning. A silly thesis for a party obsessed with spending more of our money. Who’s gonna pay if we’re dead?

Sadly, much like their obsession with abortion, the folks most likely to go first are the people they claim for their voting base. Low-income, welfare, inner-city, illegal alien types. A class of persons they will gladly sacrifice if it means a government takeover of something big and forever. With plenty of seats at big tables for politicians, bankers, bad poets, Climate scientists, and billionaire tech entrepreneurs.

The rest of you are pawns. Votes soaking in a Koolaid bath connected to the Progressive Matrix. Where lies are made to appear beautiful until Democrats get what they want. A power that can’t be undone or overturned. (See any dirty crime-riddled Democrat-run metropolis for examples.) At that point, everything deteriorates into a socialist wasteland that will make the Congo (with or without Ebola) look like paradise.