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Did Chris Sununu Let NH Democrats Make it Impossible for Transgender People to Fly?

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Somebody’s rainbow is smiling but should it? Governor Sununu allowed a bill to become law that allows New Hampshire residents to put an ‘x’ on their drivers’ license, instead of ‘M’ or ‘F’ (for Male or Female). Quick question? Why don’t they want ‘trans’ allowed on airplanes?

If you were not aware, in New Hampshire the governor can allow a bill to become law if they fail to act on it after a certain number of days in their possession.  Sununu (R- Taste the Rainbow) is a social liberal. He didn’t want to veto it, but there’s hardly any point in signing it. It doesn’t actually do anything. So, he let it become law all on its own.

I have no inside knowledge, that’s just my opinion.

This means, more or less, the Democrat majority legislature owns it. They are celebrating but they may have cut ‘our most vulnerable’ trans-people off from some of those federal services the Democrats like so much. Anything for which you need REAL ID, which doesn’t allow you to use ‘x’ in the place of an ‘M’ or ‘F.’

At the very least, it will keep them off an airplane.

You need REAL ID to Fly and there’s no provision for ‘x’ on that critical piece of identification. And if you want to fly using your NH driver’s license you need a REAL ID version.

I think I’ve got that right. So, it’s meaningless unless it means you can’t fly.

Way to go, Democrats. You just encouraged one of your identity politics groups to self-discriminate.

Wait, I get it. We’re going to have to end air travel or we’ll all be deal in 11 1/2 years so, at this point, what difference does it make? To which I’d add, when do we make height optional on the driver’s license – for people who feel taller or smaller than they actually are?