“Coming out as a conservative is way harder than coming out as gay in today's society.” - Granite Grok

“Coming out as a conservative is way harder than coming out as gay in today’s society.”

Kathy Zhu

Miss Michigan has been stripped of her title after the governing committee for Miss World America (MWA) decided she’s not made of the proper stuff. Liberal #Woke stuff.

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Kathy Zhu proudly voted for Trump. But what did her in was that she dared to tweet that she would not try on a hijab at an event in College.


Kathy Zhu, in her reply, asked, “Are the people of NWA implying that they advocate for the punishment of women who refuse to wear hijab?

Great question. Actually, It is THE question.

Hijab represents everything progressive women decry about the patriarchy. The #MeToo movement is a rejection of women as sex objects. But Hijab, all the various forms of body covering are required because you are a sex object.

Beauty pageants try to be many things, especially in the modern age of identity politics but the primary objections of feminists’ center on one point. These events reward women for being sex objects. Intelligent, talented, well-spoken, sex objects.

I doubt the MWA is going to replace swimsuit with hijab (do they still have a swimsuit competition?) because the primary purpose is glorifying female sexuality. Even transgender beauty contestants conform to the stereotype. And take that any way you like while the Left tried to force you to accept their terms. 

We don’t do that. Most of our readers never would. And Kathy Zhu is not only not doing that. She’s taking the fight to them with pride.

“I am very glad that I now have the opportunity to speak out about the unjust treatment of conservatives,” continued the University of Michigan student.

We look forward to hearing more from Kathy Zhu.

Note: The headline comes from the source post’s author, Doug Mainwaring who has come out as both conservative and gay. You can read more about that here.