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Baghdad Bob Is Alive And Well … And “Covering” Politics For WMUR

Remember Baghdad Bob? The Iraqi information minister during second Iraq War who became famous for his absurd pronouncements of Iraqi military triumphs in the face of one abject defeat after another. Ever wonder what happened to him?

Well I have found him. He is alive and well and “covering politics” for WMUR:

“Tax equity”. That must be how Ray Buckley told DiStaso to describe Volinsky’s long-time support of an income tax:

From an August, 2018 edition of the Keene Sentinel:

Volinsky broached the subject of taxation more than once.

He also argued that “the pledge” — a long-standing, unofficial promise from New Hampshire political candidates that they won’t consider introducing a broad-based state income or sales tax — has kept the state’s legislators from seriously discussing New Hampshire’s tax systems.

“We should not be pledging allegiance to a 1970s political slogan. Mel Thomson and Bill Loeb are ghosts, and we ought to ignore them at this point. If we work together we can — I call it normalizing the discussion of taxes,” Volinsky said. “We need to normalize the discussion of taxes, so we can talk about what works and what doesn’t work.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: DiStaso (or if you prefer my nom-de-twitter for him, #FatLazyAndBiased) is a Ray Buckley HACK masquerading as a reporter.