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NH Forums on Climate Damage to Agriculture Have a Problem – NOAA Says We Don’t Have Any

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All manner of scheming rises to normalize the culture of progressive confiscation. One such effort reported here two weeks ago – Presidential forums that will focus on Climate damage to agriculture in NH. One problem. According to NOAA, there isn’t any.

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NOAA is the Climate Cult’s cuddly kitten – mewing out altered data to substantiate the socialist quest for control via climate change dogma. But there are only so many hours in the day. So, no one seems to have gotten around to tweaking their Weather Fatality and Damage Statistics page.

If “Man’s effect on Climate” has been causing significant adverse effects on local agriculture, NOAA hasn’t reported it.

I went back through the data on New Hampshire to the turn of the century — the Year 2000. And the Gospel, according to NOAA, only shows a value for weather-related agriculture ‘damage’ in 2005, for a paltry $200,000.

Year Deaths Injury Prop Dmg Mil/$ Crop Dmg Mil/$
2018 2 9 3.45 0
2017 0 0 16.97 0
2016 1 1 0.27 0
2015 2 34 0.37 0
2014 0 2 3.77 0
2013 0 30 11.25 0
2012 1 4 5.28 0
2011 1 2 27.28 0
2010 1 6 14.63 0
2009 1 0 1.13 0
2008 2 5 48.89 0
2007 0 3 16.15 0
2006 1 9 18.2 0
2005 4 9 21.3 0.2
2004 0 11 1.2 0
2003 2 29 3.8 0
2002 0 7 0.9 0
2001 0 2 6.2 0
2000 2 6 0.8 0

In 2005 the data blamed three significant snow storms and the leftovers from Katria.

In 2006 reported property damage is a result of the ‘Mother’s Day’ Flood.

In 2007 the primary culprit was a massive Nor’Easter.

In 2008 it was several big snowstorms and flooding.

In 2010 it was snowstorms, plus one in spring.

In 2011 it was more snow storms and hurricane leftover/flooding.

And winter storms in 2015 and 2017 as well.

Snowstorms predominate (go figure), with some hurricane rain, and flooding popping up as common weather-related causes of property damage in the Granite State. But that’s not a new phenomenon. The recorded history going back before blaming your lifestyle choices looks the same.

Somehow I doubt that the lack of reported crop damage will be a feature of the Presidential Forum on Climate and Agriculture.

But feel free to note that the Obama years, when he was supposed to calm the earth and seas and all that, were particularly turbulent for the Granite State. That may be more a result of the feds encouraging reimbursements for disaster relief dollars (like their push to give away more food stamps, unemployment, and welfare) as much as anything else. But again, no reported damage for agriculture (except pre-Obama, in 2005).

So, what the hell are they going to talk about in these forums? Fear not! As with the rest of it, they will make something up!

Note: the majority of deaths occurred to people outside or out in vehicles during these storms. Dollars may not be adjusted for inflation. Per NOAA this reporting is compiled from in-state agencies. Records and amounts for disaster relief requests do not always line up with the calendar year for the weather event at the state level.