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Liz Warren’s Latest Reparations Pandering – The Feds Owe Gay Married Couples

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Liz Warren is promising reparations for every ‘persecuted’ group except college Republicans. What’s her latest sop to a special interest? Gay married couples. Yes, per Comrade Warren, the Federal Government owes them money.

“LGBTQ+ couples married in states where their union was recognized before gay marriage was legalized nationwide in 2013 could amend their past tax returns to receive IRS refunds. According to NBC News, that’s approximately $57 million in total owed to countless couples who weren’t able to jointly file federal tax returns prior to the Supreme Court’s decision.”

What about the longstanding marriage tax penalty for those filing jointly regardless of gender? A Penalty gay couples avoided while “forced” to file separately? Where are my reparations for twenty-five years of being overtaxed by the IRS because it recognized my marriage as an opportunity to tax more? Something, without looking, I’d bet Liz Warren never cared too much about, ever.

No check will be forthcoming.

I’d also like to get a refund adjustment as a result of the discriminatory tax code that, every year before the Trump tax cut, denied me a higher deduction for myself, my wife, and my three children until that became law. Working families regardless of gender could recoup billions going back decades. Money that would be reinjected into the economy through savings, investment, and commerce with local job creators.

Another check none of us will ever see because laws change. And when Democrats are in charge, the law change too: they raise taxes.

They deny us more of what we earn at every opportunity and without any regard to equity of any sort because that would equal supporting a flat tax which Democrats generally oppose.

A Flat tax (put simply for the purpose of this discussion) cares about nothing more than how much you earned in a calendar year and applying a flat tax rate to that sum. 

If everyone’s tax rate is the equal, regardless of marital status, or anything else, there’s no room for Liz Warren’s politics. And the only reparations left to discuss is a refund for the abuse suffered as a result of government monopolies that force taxpayers to pay higher rates to finance institutional waste and abuse.

And fraud, which describes Elizabeth Warren on more issues than past claims as a special-interest victim, herself.

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