Justin Amash Leaves 'Freedom Caucus' - Says He Doesn't Want to Be a Distraction - Granite Grok

Justin Amash Leaves ‘Freedom Caucus’ – Says He Doesn’t Want to Be a Distraction

Amash turns Donkey

Justin Amash may have won the praise of never-Trumpers but at what cost? He’s had to step down from the freedom caucus citing concerns that he does not want to be a distraction from that bodies priorities.

Could it be that the distractions are not the Freedom Caucus’ priorities?

I’m going to have to go with yes.

Amash took the leap of fate when he joined the Left-Wing chorus impugning AG Bill Barr and singing the praises of the Impeach him (President Trump) chorus. A strange tack for a so-called libertarian member of a caucus called Freedom.

While Trump may not be the delicate flower upon which the swamp creatures prefer to feed, his biggest claim to fame is probably as a victim of a long list of things the Freedom Caucus should oppose.

Illegal spying; Lying to a FISA court; Using government resources to surveil an opposing political campaign; editing out exculpatory context; misreporting facts from FBI 302s; illegal leaks to the press; unjustified searches and seizures; and collusion with foreign powers to undermine the results of a presidential election.

The method of investigation negates the evidence unless the goal is to achieve an end regardless of means. In which case you’ve sold the Constitutional Republic down the river. And this means that no citizen, journalist, business, or politician is safe from the full force of the government to achieve any end simply because a few people in high places desire that end.

That’s not just a distraction that’s an abdication.